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Foraging in the news

Foraging and mushroom hunting occasionally pop up in the news. Here's some articles that have caught my attention. 



Excessive foraging for wild garlic and mushrooms in UK ‘a risk to wildlife’

A Guardian article that is a little bit hysterical but such is the way foraging is reported on these days!


Hemlock: Anger after poisonous plant found near Bucklesham school

This ridiculous BBC hysteria over a plant on the way to a school. It's just a plant - don't eat it if you don't know what it is. And if you do know what it is - don't eat it. 

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‘The fungal awakening’: how we came to love (and fear) fungi

This is a great Guardian article about people waking up to the benefits of fungi! Definitely worth a read. 


The big idea: should doctors be able to prescribe psychedelics?

I'm not into psychedelic mushrooms (much prefer them in a risotto!) but this is an interesting Guardian article on the subject of medicinal psychadelics.



AI-generated foraging books could be the death of you

The Guardian again, this time warning about AI-generated foraging books which don't accurately describe plants and advise you to eat poisonous ones. Best stick to the foraging books I recommend...

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