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Reviewing: Mushrooms by Roger Phillips

Are you mad about mushrooms? Fascinated by fungi? Transfixed by toadstools? Then this is the book for you! For anyone wishing to identify pretty much any mushroom they find when out and about in the UK, Roger Phillips' Mushrooms book is surely worthy of a place in your library. There are over 1,250 photographs here of species ranging from the relatively common shaggy inkcap to the rare pouched false morel.

The cover of Roger Philips' Mushrooms book

At the last count, there were estimated to be over 15,000 mushroom species in the UK. This is why even fungi experts at the very top of their game still need to refer to books and journals for positive identification. Whilst Phillips' mushroom book doesn't cover every species, it does an exceptional job at presenting a huge number of mushrooms and fungi found in the UK.

Who is this book for?

This is a book for those looking to take a step up from complete beginner. It has some technical descriptions to help with identification. It will be helpful to be familiar with - or at least be willing to learn - some of the more technical jargon associated with mushrooms. This includes understanding the basic terminology when describing parts of a mushroom (stem, cap, spores etc) and understanding how to do a spore print. If you are only just taking an initial interest in mushrooms, I recommend the River Cottage mushroom book instead.

A page of morel photographs
A good display showing morels

Why should I buy this book?

If you are fed up with seeing lots of mushrooms on your walks and not being able to ID them, then a book like this is ideal. That's because it covers so many varieties in a comprehensive way that it shouldn't take long before you can come to a conclusion. It has many photographs, often from different angles and different ways the fungi can grow. There are also many photos of mushrooms cut in half - a helpful diagnostic feature.

This is a perfect book to buy a mushroom lover. With plenty of photos and clear descriptions, it offers a fantastic and comprehensive addition to your mushroom book collection. You can buy Mushrooms by Roger Phillips here on Amazon.

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