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Find me on TikTok!

I know, I know. TikTok is meant to be for kids. At least, that's what I used to think. So then I downloaded it for a laugh to see what sort of nonsense was on it and - lo and behold! It's actually got loads of really good stuff! Whatever your interest, there is sure to be people posting videos about it. From football clips to Lewis Capaldi to shortest blockbusters to give you nightmares, you can spend hours scrolling.

But of course, you're here on my foraging website, so of course you are interested in foraging. And it just so happens I am on TikTok too! Why you can enjoy me getting soaked in the rain whilst our foraging:

Getting excited about sweet chestnut:

Or just enjoying a nice day out at Deep Sea World

So if you fancy popping over to my profile on TikTok give me a like and a follow. And if you are also a fellow TikTokker, don't forget to say hi!

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