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The Forager's Journal

This is a wonderful, handy-sized journal for taking notes and drawing pictures of what you see in the wild. When you finish, it's a recollection of all the amazing plants you have discovered! 

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Okay, full disclosure - this is my book! I wanted something nice that I could take out with me that was lightweight and uncomplicated. So I found that making my own was the best idea! By making it available on Amazon, perhaps other people can enjoy it too. 

Each double spread consists of one lined page and one blank page. This way you can draw what you see, as well as tell the story of where you are, what the surrounding fauna looks like and any important identifiable features you can't draw, like smell. 

My aim is that, once it is full, I'll have a book made up of drawings and notes that I can read over time and time again, remembering this season of foraging. This is much better, in my opinion, than scrolling through Facebook posts. This is 100% mine! 

This would make a great gift for those looking to start foraging, as often drawing wild plants is a brilliant way to get to learn what they look like for next time. 


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