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Gifts for foragers

Are you looking for foraging gifts for someone? Or perhaps someone who wants to get into foraging but isn't sure how? Well look no further, here are some foraging gifts you will be thanked for! 

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Right, full disclosure: You don't need anything to start foraging other than a mouth! My dog forages for blackberries straight off the plant. However, if you would like to bring a little decorum into your day and not look like a maniacal blackberry devourer, here are some lovely foraging gift ideas!

Foraging gifts for the absolute beginner


The first thing any forager needs is a book on what to forage. I've reviewed a few but there are two books that I would specifically suggest a novice to buy first above all. 

Food for Free by Richard Mabey. Read my review here or buy it from Amazon here

Hedgerow by John Wright. Read my review here or buy it from Amazon here

Baskets and bags

Taking your hedgerow harvest home is pretty crucial if you want to make jams, soups or other tasty treats. So to do so, foragers will need a basket or a bag! Here are some suggestions.

This Wrenbury Small Egg Collecting Basket is cute and great for collecting a small amount of mushrooms, berries or other fruit. Light to carry, it can hang over your arm. A really nice gift to give. Buy it on Amazon here

For the forager who has it all


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Get in touch with your wild side

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