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about me

I'm Harry, and I'm a fungi! At least, that's what I tell myself, so it must be true. I'm no professional forager - just a guy who likes to get outside and see what tasty treats there are. I hope to inspire others to do the same!

I started this website as a way to write about my foraging adventures with my family, and to tell others about the good parts of getting out and about in the UK's countryside, forests and coastline. 


Foraging is a wonderful way to get motivated to go outside, and it's a great activity for kids too. This is how we can get children interested in the outdoors from an early age and, most importantly, become invested in its future.


Through reviewing books, foraging tools and talking about our walks outdoors, I hope to encourage people both old and young to do the same in a safe way. ​

If you would like to follow me on social pages, I have an Instagram and TikTok. You can drop me a line below or email me with any questions, comments of hilarious foraging jokes! 

I hope this site helps you to further enjoy foraging in the UK. See you out there!


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